After the workshop ends…


I remember the first ultrasound worksop that I ever attended. I was so excited because no one at my institution routinely used ultrasound in the ICU and I would be the first person to learn how to use it. When the course began, I scribbled down everything the instructor said, I memorized every line of the book I was given, I watched every video, and I practiced scanning non-stop for the three days that I was there. By the end of the course I was an ultrasound guru (well, at least I thought I was).

When I got back home I diligently used my new found ultrasound skills for the first few days. But as the weeks passed something happened…I slowly became less confident in my ultrasound skills. I didn’t
loose any of my knowledge or skill set, but I didn’t have any local mentorship to give me feedback on my scans, provide me with new educational resources, to discuss interesting cases with, or just to simply be an inspiration. I felt this same empty feeling even after attending non-ultrasound courses. I personally feel that it can be difficult to stay motivated towards the things we learn at courses because there is sometimes no one to turn to for mentorship. Has this ever happened to you too?

That’s why we’ve created the Keynotable Mentorship Program, a program that will allow you to continue mentorship even after the workshop has ended. We realize that although you might have learned the tools necessary to create more engaging and more visually pleasing presentations at the live workshop, you still may need some help fine tuning your skills or just having someone to “bounce some ideas off of”. Whatever your needs, the Keynotable Mentorship Program is here for you following the live course. And because we are launching this new program, anyone who signs up for the full Keynotable workshop in December will get three months of mentorship absolutely FREE. So if you haven’t yet signed up for the full workshop there is no better time than right now. Click here to sign up.